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Absolutely killer! So glad you're back, man. Keep up the good work, I look forward to seeing more. :D

As always, nicely done

The episode was well worth the wait, though I have to admit I was expecting a bit more, especially with the length of episode 7. Though I did read your post on deviant art so it's understandable that it's a bit shorter. Plus there's that pesky need for a job and what not.

I must say I enjoyed the episode, though. The doom ship looked nice and the animations were silky smooth. I especially enjoy the custom animations you threw in there for the stand offs and Fire Sonic(That was pretty damn bad ass).

Keep up the good work. Lookin forward to ep 9...or 8 part 2, whatever it'll be called.

simply awesome

This was well worth the long wait since part 1. I certainly like how the story was unfolding as well...and the custom drawing of Guile kinda looked like Duke Nukem XD Anyway, the ending was entirely too funny. Keep up the great work guys.

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The game certainly was interesting for a quick distraction. From the description it seems like this was a quick side project, but it's still apparent the amount of effort you put into it. Nicely done.

Good job

This game helped me realize I suck at multi-tasking. Very innovative idea for a game and nicely executed. Keep up the good work, look forward to seein more from ya.

Great game

All you people giving this game a low score are babies. Every play the REAL super mario 2? The one we know as "the lost levels"? Yeah, that game is almost easy compared to this. Granted I only tried about 24 times on this one. Kids these days just can't appreciate a good, challenging game...

I enjoy cooking, video games, and otherwise wasting my life away with Youtube nonsense. I'm working on putting a demo reel together, but if you need a voice actor please feel free to send me a message. I'd be glad to audition for just about anything. KCCO

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